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Revel in Atlantic City on Auction Block for $90 Million Starter Bid

March 5th, 2020

Florida investor Glen Straub has kicked off the auction bidding on Revel for $90 million.

Atlantic City’s Revel Casino is up for auction grabs, and a Florida real estate designer has offered $90 million in cash to purchase the house which was shut down for good a week ago. Glenn Straub, whom has the 22,000-acre Palm Beach Polo and Country Club in Wellington, Florida, will now become the ‘stalking horse,’ or bidder that is lead who may be outbid by competitors at an auction on September 24. Other prospective purchasers have actually until September 23 to create offers.

Straub said this week that their offer had been ‘an opportunity to turn things around. That’s what they need now; a direction that is new’ he included. ‘Give us our six months, so we’ll really actually likely be operational. In two years, we’ll be 100 % open.’

Which begs the relevant concern, what will be open, exactly? It seems unlikely that Straub will reopen Revel as a casino; the Revel Casino project, after all, ended up being a cataclysmic $2.4 billion failure with huge operational costs that were hemorrhaging $2 million per week when it closed. And besides, it seems Straub features a dislike that is personal of.

Casino Doctor

‘When everybody thinks of Atlantic City, they think of casinos,’ Straub told United States Of America Today, adding which he dislikes the idea of Atlantic City as a casino city and could be uncomfortable with t » Read more: Revel in Atlantic City on Auction Block for $90 Million Starter Bid

Jose Canseco Loses a Finger, While Daniel Colman Wags One at Hellmuth

March 4th, 2020

Resigned MLB star Jose Canseco lost a finger (again) throughout a poker competition last week.

Jose Canseco was the figure that is central a weekend for the poker globe that has been filled with fingers: some missing, some pointed at prominent names within the poker community. In Canseco’s case, he appears to have lost the same hand for the second time in about a month, a thing that few people (with any luck) will ever get to experience.

In late October, Canseco had been in the news for accidentally shooting himself in the hand. Based on Canseco, the incident happened while he was cleaning his weapon in his kitchen. He finished up shooting their hand, which then must be surgically reattached. It appears some surgeons are more skilled than other people at digital fixes, though.

Finger Comes Off During Poker Tournament

According to a tweet sent down by Canseco on however, the finger became detached again while he was playing in a poker tournament Thursday evening friday.

‘ I became playing in a poker competition final night and my finger dropped of,’ Canseco tweeted. ‘Someone took a video from it.’

Fortunately, Canseco didn’t post that video, however there clearly was at least one expected image of his finger before it dropped off. As gruesome as the event may however sound, Canseco said that this result may have been unavoidable from the time he shot himself.

‘My little finger should have been amputated r » Read more: Jose Canseco Loses a Finger, While Daniel Colman Wags One at Hellmuth

Ohio Casinos to Withhold Winnings for Overdue Child Support

March 4th, 2020

Ohio gambling enterprises just like the Hollywood Casino in Columbus will withhold winnings from now players who owe kid support. (Image: Brooke Lavalley/Dispatch File Photo)

At Ohio casinos, gamblers who think they’ve just won a major jackpot could be in for a surprise, at minimum if they have outstanding son or daughter support payments. That’s because a program that is new now in destination to ensure that debtors who owe money for the well-being of their children won’t be in a position to collect their gambling winnings without trying to repay exactly what they owe first.

The new ‘intercept program’ is now moving forward at all four gambling enterprises in Ohio. The properties have agreed to get results with the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services to identify gamblers who owe right back child support, adding those criminal background checks to people place that is already taking a database of debtors.

Lottery, Racetracks Also Recover Funds

These checks are also made by the Ohio Lottery, which runs the state’s seven racetrack casinos. At the casinos, database checks will be triggered by wins of $1,200 or more on slot machines, $5,000 or even more on table games, and $600 or even more on some high-stakes games. At the racetracks, any award of $600 or more will likely be checked against owed child-support payments, while wins of $5,000 or more trigger checks against back taxes and student loans.

‘ We » Read more: Ohio Casinos to Withhold Winnings for Overdue Child Support

Paragon Gaming Investigation Could Jeopardize Vancouver Edgewater Casino

March 4th, 2020

An artist’s rendering of the proposed Edgewater Casino resort to be built in Vancouver. It seems the project could now maintain jeopardy.

Las Vegas-based developers Paragon Gaming, whose ability to ‘meet the conditions of its registration’ has been called into concern, could place the future of the $535-million Edgewater casino project in downtown Vancouver into doubt.

The former boss of the British Columbia Lotteries Corporation (BCLC), now head of PV Hospitality, an affiliate of Paragon at the center of the probe by the Gaming Policy and Enforcement Branch is, it seems, Paragon’s relationship with Michael Graydon.

A separate Columbia that is british government of Graydon has currently figured the executive was indeed in conflict of interest when he negotiated work with Paragon in December 2013, while still head for the BCLC.

The aim of the Paragon project is always to relocate and expand the existing Edgewater Casino, which Paragon purchased in 2006, to produce a new resort with a 72,000- square-foot gambling floor and two boutique hotels with 550 visitor rooms among them, aswell as space for restaurants and retail.

The development, which will be scheduled to start in 2016, is anticipated to create 2,000 jobs and generate $180 million per year for the neighborhood economy. The task is being constructed on a lot owned by the BC Pavilion Corporation, opposite the BC Place Stadium.

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