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Ways Men Are Taught to Objectify Women From Birth

February 14th, 2020

We invested years that are many females as things of my love in the place of complex individuals with emotions, desires, and requirements of these very own.

I was taught at a very early age to view women as prizes to win while it doesn’t excuse my behavior. The fact women can be trophies nevertheless permeates through our tradition, whether it is when you look at the media, training, or easy everyday discussion.

It dehumanizes millions of people, and it’s very difficult to have empathy for someone that you don’t view as a real person when we’re taught that an entire gender exists purely to satisfy others’ needs.

It encourages the objectification of females because we’re therefore usually represented as benefits for males who vie for people despite the fact that our desires are rarely – if ever – taken into account.

It wasn’t that I realized I had been dehumanizing and objectifying women for many years until I actually inquired about the lives of women. » Read more: Ways Men Are Taught to Objectify Women From Birth