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Help! How USC Provides Students Aided By the Academic Support They Need

February 14th, 2020

Moving away to college is an exciting yet process that is overwhelming. New friends, new meals, brand new living arrangement— it definitely takes some adjusting.

Perhaps the biggest ‘new’ though is your academic experience. Besides the increased autonomy themselves will be more challenging (it is college, after all!) And, the class sizes might differ from those you had in high school that you will experience, the classes. Even though the normal class size at USC is 26 with students to faculty ratio of 9 to 1, some courses you take will be larger.

Any larger classes are separated into what is called ‘sections’ led by a graduate student, allowing students to discuss and fundamentally clarify any product that was taught in lecture. New material will often be taught by a USC faculty member; graduate pupils act as a resource to simply help students better understand the material and answer any remaining questions. Both graduate students and faculty members hold office hours through the week, which provide a chance for pupils to interact using them one-on-one and address any lingering concerns they might have.

But what if you nonetheless still need extra help? That’s where our Center for Academic help comes in. At USC, we would like to make sure that pupils have use of the help and resources they require in order to thrive throughout their time here. The Center for Academic Support offers stude » Read more: Help! How USC Provides Students Aided By the Academic Support They Need

33 Arrested in India On The Web Gambling Raid

February 14th, 2020

Police in Kandivli, India raided six online gambling hubs

Police in Kandivli, India raided six gaming parlors and arrested an overall total of 33 people this week in a crackdown on online gambling in the area. The raid ended up being initial of its kind within the certain area, as Samta Nagar authorities raided parlors owned by Planet G Internet activity and Bingo in Kandivli, along with the Pratik Game Zone in Malad.

Franchise Owners Arrested

All of the raids were conducted on venues that had been franchises of company known as Game King Pvt Ltd, based in Tardeo. A total of 12 owners of this franchises were arrested, along side 21 players have been in the parlors at the time of the raids. The owners of Game King, Ramesh Chaurasia and KL Mansukhani, have not yet been arrested in connection utilizing the raids.

Throughout the raids, police recovered 1.31 lakh ($21,500) in funds. According to reports, the facilities in concern was in fact available for at least two years.

‘There have reached least 300 more such centers running into the city under the franchise of Game King,’ said Sunil Paraskar, commissioner of police for the North Region. ‘We are seeking the main server from where these games had been activated. We will just take Cyber Crime department’s assistance to trace it.’

Players managed to open accounts at the centers to play online gambling games for the minimum of 1,000 rupees ($16.50). Once the records had bee » Read more: 33 Arrested in India On The Web Gambling Raid

Ohio Man Sues Hollywood Casino for Giving Him Winnings in Cash

February 13th, 2020

******Inside Columbus, Ohio’s Hollywood Casino******

Sometimes it’s hard to figure out who is stupider: the thieves or the victim they’ve robbed. The story that is following be considered a photo finish situation, but you decide.

Money and Carry

This indicates 29-year-old David Hayes, a gambler at the Hollywood Casino Columbus, in Ohio, was lucky enough to win $35,800 on October 21, 2012; but that’s where Hayes’ luck ended. In a lawsuit the Ohio man has since filed against the gambling operator, Hayes and another of his lawyers, Joseph Landusky, claim that the casino forced him to just take his winnings in the form of cash pitched against a check, and flashed his personal information to anyone waiting behind him in line, making him vulnerable to a subsequent home robbery once he returned to their house later that night.

The very fact that he left his back door open unlocked and accessible that evening is but one return volley the casino is firing back at the man within their legal reaction to their suit. Hayes claims two men that are armed his home, woke him, and demanded he hand over all 358 stacks of bound hundred-dollar bills before they took off without harming him.

Two of these rocket experts then actually bragged about the robbery to acquaintances, and have since been arrested and currently await trial; a 3rd man, whose connection to the robbery is unclear, is also being sought now.

That is at Fault?

At is » Read more: Ohio Man Sues Hollywood Casino for Giving Him Winnings in Cash