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Where, oh Where has the Bitter Gamer Been?

Sorry friends and enemies… TBG has had to take an extended absence due to this little thing called life. A major relocation has really turned things upside down!

Realistically, over the past year TBG has had time to game, and post too. TBG just hasn’t been keeping shit together and actually doing and posting.

Soon, TBG will be posting on the current games: Black Ops 2 and the infamous Lag Compensation issues and Tomb Raider: The “B” Cup days.

Dead Island… maybe TBG to death…

TBG is not sure what else to say about this game… TBG was expecting so much from this game… but the game is simply a repeat of Dead Rising, but on an island. TBG is no one’s bitch and will not running any more errands. The dead end.

Work vs Gaming

The Bitter Gamer wonders what causes More bitterness, gaming with douche bags or working with inconsiderate tools… or is that reversed. Either way, another day with a whole new feeling of bitterness…. or is this the same bitterness, simply redirected. Time to go home and pick on cheating pubbies….

Missing the Sofa

TBG is supposed to be at work today, but while sitting and having lunch, TBG has decided that being at home on the sofa would be much better.

The Never Ending Mortar Strike

Quite recently, TBG was playing Black Ops with #2. TBG struggled to get to even one kill streak, until finally, near the end of the game, black bird, napalm and mortars, oh my! Black bird up, and much the dismay of TBG #2 unleashes hell. As the second set of mortars drop, TBG shouts, “DON’T THOSE MORTARS EVER GO AWAY?”

Before the dust of the mortars settled, in comes another blast of napalm. TBG sat silently, and patiently… Finally, as the TBG prepared to finally drop mortars… In comes another set… The growl was indeed audible, perhaps more accurately described as a scream…

Before the second mortar hits the ground, the game ends.

#2 could be heard snickering from 1,200 miles away…

TBG was only slightly amused.

Assassins Creed Kinect?

The Bitter Gamer was a little disappointed to see this news on the IndustryGamers website.

TBG really likes Assassins Creed, but having to move while you play it?

Ubisoft Confirms New Assassin’s Creed Before March 2012

Posted February 14, 2011 by James Brightman

Along with better-than-expected fiscal results for the holiday quarter, Ubisoft revealed today that Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood shipped more than 6.5 million units during the quarter, and the publisher is planning on incorporating another new installment in the franchise into its 2012 fiscal year, which ends next March.

That means we could see a new Assassin’s later this year, as was previously hinted at, but it also could mean an early calendar 2012 release. Ubisoft executives clarified that they are not referring to the 3DS title¬†Assassin’s Creed: Lost Legacy, which is expected to ship this year.

There’s also the possibility that Ubisoft may bring the Assassin’s franchise to Microsoft’s Kinect motion platform in the near future.

January Game Releases

Here are the anticipated Xbox 360 releases for January 2011.

1/5/2011 – ilomilo
The Bitter Gamer has tried the demo for this game. It’s kinda fun, the characters are cute.
1/11/2011 – Venetica
This is a German RPG, already released in Germany and now coming to America. Not on TBG’s future purchase list.
1/18/2011 -Mindjack
Third person shooter. Probably not on the list.
1/25/2011 -Two Worlds II
TBG has little information on this title… Perhaps a little more research is in order.

1/25/2010 – Dead Space 2
Dead Space 1 frightened TBG…¬† This game is on the maybe list.
2/1/2011 -COD Black Ops First Strike Map Pack
No need to ask…

Where, oh where can TBG be?

Ooooops… It appears that the Bitter gamer has been a bit neglectful of the blog. When all is said and dine, TBG hasn’t gamed with pubbies in so long, there hasn’t really been anything to complain about…

TBG has noticed a sever lag when plating MP COD…

Which Is irritating to say the least. That’s enough from TBG…

Where oh where has TBG gone?

The Bitter Gamer has stepped away from the Xbox, but only for a few days. TBG is taking a brief hiatus to confer with a colleague regarding proper tea-bagging techniques…. and pubby tormenting. We will also be discussing SWAT magnums and the range/accuracy variances.

Halo Reaches for TBG’s last nerve.

TBG really enjoyed the new firefight matchmaking until today… TBG thought that perhaps the first 30 minute game was a mistake. When TBG tried a second time and again ended up in another 30 minute game there was a a problem.

TBG enjoyed the new matchmaking firefight… until now. How boring… 30 minutes with a group of people TBG doesn’t want to play with in the first place.


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